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Men need shirt collar stays.  Strong ones.  We were fed up with seeing our colleagues and random folks we passed by on the streets with limp, curling collars.  If you don't care about work, that's one thing, but to not have the decency to wear some metal collar stays when going out to dinner or a bar, that's inexcusable. 

When we went shopping for premium metal collar stays, we were surprised by the lack of quality choices for men's collar stays.  You could spend $80 on some titanium collar stays or you could spend $25 on some cheap, brass, easily-tarnished collar stays with rough edges.

We decided to come up with a simpler solution for curled collars.  Stiff Stays started in 2010 with the goal of providing premium metal collar stays without having to fork over a ton of money.   We offer 316L (Medical Grade) Stainless Steel Collar Stays and 99.9% Titanium Collar Stays.  We even offer Onyx and Sapphire color plated collar stays for those interested in snazzying up their collar stay pockets. 

With Stiff Stays, you're guaranteed to receive quality collar stays with our no rough edges promise along with a sleek glass storage vial.  Heck, if you misplace one of your collar stays, we'll even mail you a free replacement collar stay.  Lose two? -- well, then you ought to visit our shopping page and buy yourself some more collar stays.

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